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Are you ready to live your design instead of just knowing it?

If you're looking for an amazing HD Guide to help you learn how to live and embody your design, you're in the right place!

As much as I love unpacking designs, I cannot serve everyone. These are some of the amazing HD Guides that I support and recommend for readings that will transform your life, relationships and career!

Annie Gerber

Mesa, Arizona

3/5 Generator

How Human Design has changed my life:

I first heard about Human Design in 2011 and had my first reading in 2013.  The basics I learned about my Type, Strategy and Authority validated things that resonated deep within me. 

This awareness helped me make better decisions and allowed me to view things I perceived as different about myself as gifts to be expanded. 

It opened up a new understanding and showed me ways to start living in my skin with more authenticity. 

In 2020 my passion for Human Design was re-ignited by a random conversation with a dear friend. 

Following my Sacral Authority led me to find Emma’s podcast and then her Mastermind program. 

After completing the course, I realized that this is exactly where I belong – I love Human Design!

My purpose:

My purpose is to serve others by bridging the gap between the spiritual and logical. Calling out what is keeping us stuck so that we can begin to heal and expand into more joy and live more in integrity.

My focus:

Using Human Design as the foundation, my focus is to guide others to discover who they truly are and then begin to decondition from old beliefs that no longer serve them by implementing the tools of Reiki and breathwork to clear out stuck energy.


Jenna Rossi

2/4 Projector

Hello, love. I’m Jenna Rossi, an Energy Coach and Human Design Guide. And I want you to know this: Your life is allowed to feel like a fairytale. 

As a 2/4 splenic-projector, I’ve spent the last few years unbecoming who I thought I had to be and instead, fully embracing my authenticity.

While working one-on-one with Emma Dunwoody, training under her in a variety of ways, and embarking on my own spiritual studies and experiences, I’ve transformed my life from force to flow. And now, I have the honor of helping other beautiful beings do the same.

My work is where Spirit and Human Design collide. Through my intuitive nature and ability to hold a loving, safe space, my readings offer, not only insight into your energetic blueprint, but a guided adventure where we navigate your current stuck points and move you towards your biggest dreams. 

I deeply believe each of us are here on earth to journey back to the freest and most fulfilling expression of our soul. Even if that’s simply snuggling your pup and enjoying a daily walk in the woods like I do. You are magic - and you deserve to be and feel nothing less. Let’s discover your design together. 


Jess Mordue

3/5 Manifesting Generator

In early 2020 I was at a bit of a cross road and starting to question everything in my life. I was recommended by a friend to do some sound healing and for me this is where my journey into Human Design began.

I initially thought that by diving into a life where I was spiritually led would involve me doing a bit of meditating, yoga and listening to podcasts, however, I was profoundly mistaken.

What I found was a whole new world that I now feel has opened an awareness beyond what I could ever imagine and the magic that unfolded still makes my body tingle with a knowing I find hard to articulate…. This is a new way of being and is now a life long path I am choosing to follow. 

It was after my first sound healing I stumbled upon Emma’s Human Design podcast and something instantly awoke inside and I hungered to learn more. I connected with Emma and found that she was running a Human Design Mastermind and this is where my world began to make sense and I felt like someone was looking directly into my soul. It has been 18 month since I discovered Human Design and through my learnings I feel I have found my true purpose in this life.  

I believe that there are a number of the things that people want most in life and they revolve around connection and purpose and I feel like through my journey into Human Design I have been lucky enough to discover both. I want to share this gift of knowing with everyone and empower others to step into who they were bought in this life to be. When you begin to remember your soul for its unique beauty where the connection to love for self and opening of your heart to the possibilities can show you what you are truly capable of.

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt through this process is to always listen to yourself (giving yourself time if this is what you need), working on your own self-love and learning to open your heart to the world. I may not always get it right and I will be forever learning, life is here to teach me and when I trust myself I begin to find the wisdom needed in any situation. There is something so beautiful about learning to live in alignment and I believe with all my being that I am here to guide others on their path to help find their own soul's purpose while having some fun along the way.


Jess Roberts

4/6 Generator

Hi! Jessica here, a 4/6 Generator that finds joy in connecting with others. I have spent the last 10+ years in the health and wellness space. I am a Registered Dietitian and Clinical Exercise Physiologist. I have had the pleasure of working with people in all walks of life to achieve their own goals in wellness. 

Around two years ago I came across a video about Human Design and was so intrigued. Like internally my body was pulling me closer to the screen wanting to know more. So what did I do? I Googled and watched hours more of videos and pulled my chart to see what my own design was showing me. But let me tell ya, I was so overwhelmed and confused by the visual of the chart and the language used to explain what I was looking at.

Over the last year I have dove head first into learning Human Design and working with an incredible group of expanders in Emma Dunwoody's Mastermind. Everyday I am learning something new about myself and the Human Design system. I love discussing charts with others and hearing how pieces are landing for each individual. 

A few areas I am really digging these days are:

  • Type, Strategy and Authority 
  • The Four Variables (especially love PHS)
  • Discussing Children Charts 

Human Design has given me the ability to recognize my defined Sacral and own my gut reaction to the external world. It is such a gift. 

If you are tired of making decisions based on what you think you should be doing, or desire more joy in your life then Human Design may be a tool worth experimenting with


Joanne Messina

4/1 Manifesting Generator

My name is Joanne Messina, I live in Sydney Australia.

I’m a mum of 3 great (adult) kids, I have a Man Gen Emotional a Generator and a Projector.

My partner is and Pure ManGen and I'm also a Manifesting Generator with Sacral authority, 4/1 profile and I’m quad left. 

My passion for people has lead me to discovering Human Design.

I came across Human Design while listening to a podcast, I was so intrigued by it that I had to investigate (line 1) it further and dive deep down the habit hole.

After completing Emma Dunwoody’s amazing Human Design Master Mind course I just knew I had to share this Divine way of being with everyone I met and my wider community!

I absolutely love helping people find who they truly are and gently guide them to more ease and fulfilment in their lives.

It is my personal mission to help you find a greater sense of purpose in your life by learning to lean into your Divine gifts and teach you how to let go of the resistance or conditioning that may be holding you back from who you are designed to be.

Allow me to dive deep into your design to show you how you can live life to your highest potential.

Welcome to your Divine journey, enjoy the ride xo