The Human Design Experience

THE Membership for Human Design  Coaches (and HD junkies).

Pro Membership $97/month for 12 months

Monthly LIVE Calls

2 x group coaching calls per month

Direct Access to ME

Yes, all Members will have 2 hours of group coaching, Private FB group and monthly classes with ME.

Deep Dive Experiments

Test and Experiment and learn WHY you were designed that way and discover your purpose.

Content, Learning & Guests

The Human Design Experiment is built to share all of my learning in Human Design with YOU my wonderful community.

I'm going to be sharing modules from my high-end Mastermind program, delivered in a way that allows you to apply it to your life... THE way to start living your Design easily!

Each module will be run as an 'Experiment' this let's us play with what works for us and give us an opportunity test those parts and share in a community environment.

I will be sharing my own mentors and teachers, as guests sharing their unique gifts in the monthly Live Calls.

Understanding my human design has helped me understand and accept the things about myself that I formerly saw as weaknesses or flaws.

I now see them as gifts, and can move forward with all of the great work I want to do in this world with confidence and more love for myself.

I have been doing the "work" of personal development for years, and none of it has really STUCK until now. It turns out that understanding (and accepting) myself through the lens of my Human Design was the crucial step I was missing.

I feel like I've been given wings!

Dr Bri Grogan

What's included in The Human Design Experience Membership?

So if you're keen to know more about the Membership, you'll get experiments on;

  • Type and Strategy
  • Authority
  • Profile
  • PHS
  • Environment
  • Perspective
  • Motivation
  • Composite charts (relationships)
  • Circuitry
  • Channels
  • Gates
  • Incarnation Crosses
  • Live Group training
  • Professional HD community
  • New live trainings
  • And so much more!

We're creating a professional community for people to learn, share and grow their HD skills to become experts and in many cases implement this knowledge and experience into an existing or new business.


And in 2021 we’re adding;

  • Parenting with HD
  • Intuition and HD
  • Mercury guiding us through a deep dive into every Gate
  • Shadow, Inner Child and other Subconscious Transformational tools
  • With more to be announced throughout the year...

The Human Design Experience

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Pro Membership $97/month for 12 months


1.5 to 4.5 hours of group coaching/training each month


40+ Hours of Content


Detailed written content on every lesson